Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Cycle 2 Begins...Finally

I'm assuming the bone marrow results were good because they started Averi's cycle 2 chemo this afternoon.  This cycle is a bit different, consisting of four 3 hour sessions every 12 hours (did you follow that?).

Averi did really well with the chemo today, but we will wait and see how she is doing tomorrow after there is more of it in her system.  Apparently this is a really concentrated version of Cyterabine, one of the drugs she gets during the other cycles, so this is going to be "the hard cycle."  Yipee!

Her least favorite part of this cycle is having to get eye drops every 6 hours to prevent her eyes from burning or being damaged.  Her beautiful almond eyes are small to begin with but when she squeezes them shut there is no getting in.  Oddly enough, I had more than one nurse tell me that giving eye drops is their least favorite thing to do (Really?  because I thought stabbing someone with a large needle would suck).

Today was also somewhat entertaining because the nurses had to do tons of blood draws.  As part of the study that Averi is taking part in, they needed blood work 8 times, at different stages during the therapy.  Thank goodness for central lines and not having to be poked that many times (as long as it doesn't get infected!).

Other than that, Averi is doing awesome and eating like a pro because the steroid she's on for her breathing makes her hungry.  I think I've said this before, but it would be wonderful if she could permanently be put on steroids.  Oh well, I'll take never coming back to the hospital if that's the alternative. :)

(Dan brought the camera tonight so I promise lots of pictures for tomorrow.)

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