Monday, July 11, 2011

Good Riddance Honey Bear

We bought a new spoon and it is making a world of difference.  The short handle and pointy end make Averi hold the spoon correctly.  Now if we could only get her to stop flipping the spoon upside down when she gets it to her mouth. :)

We have also finally transitioned from the honey bear straw to a real big girl sippy cup with a straw.  I have been looking for months now for a sippy cup with a straw, handles, and no valve (the thickened liquid can't get through the valve).  So of course, Dan came home the other day with not one but 2 of these cups that he got for the price of one.
Averi has been really hesitant about using it because the straw is more squishy than the honey bear and she doesn't like the different feeling.  I decided that she was going to overcome that today and did some tricky maneuvering   I'd let her drink out of the honey bear for a while and then when she wasn't looking I'd sneak in the cup.  She'd take a sip or two and then give up so I'd switch back to the honey bear.  After doing this many many times, each time getting longer and longer, she finally finished her milk using the sippy cup.

I think I can officially say that we are done with the honey bear - and the weird looks it solicits. :)

Since a lot of things have been changing with Averi's eating skills lately, I decided to tinker with her feeding schedule as well.  Pretty much for forever she has been getting feeds at 8, 12, 4, and 8.  This is all fine and dandy when she gets everything through her G-tube, but she is becoming more aware of when we eat and she is eating more orally as well.

I decided to give her more of a toddler's schedule and decided to feed her 3 meals when we eat them and then a snack of milk after her nap and right before bed.  We'll see how it turns out, but I'm hoping it will help encourage her if she eats when she sees us eating.

I really feel like she's making a turn for the better, eating wise, and I'm getting excited!

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The Fisher Family said...

ok--where did you get the spoon, the cup, and the BOWL?!!??! I need all of those!