Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Feeling Yuck

Let me begin by saying that I forgot to take any pictures today, so I risked waking my sweet baby to take this picture for you:
Today was a long day.  Apparently there is no one week waiting period like last time before Averi starts feeling yuck.  She wasn't horrible, but you could definitely tell she didn't feel well because she kept whimpering and didn't even want to cuddle.  She even feels warm to me but doesn't have a temperature.

When I told the doctor about it he said, "Yeah, the meds we are giving her are very concentrated and can cause flu-like symptoms."  Oh, so now you have decided to tell me this bit of unimportant information?  He did say that it would go away about 24 hours after the meds are complete.  Come on Friday!

I'm a little bit concerned about Averi's throat.  She is spoon feeding just fine but when I tried to feed her with the honey bear it was a battle.  She cried and turned away and wouldn't take any consecutive swallows.  She also gagged really bad on a small piece of fruit I gave her.  I think her throat is either really sore from being intubated so much recently or maybe some damage was done.

In good news, the discharge nurse came in today and said that we might get to go home tomorrow and stay there for a few days until it's time for next week's session (after which we will be staying here until her counts come back up again).  We will have to wait and see how she is feeling.  Hopefully things will work out and we can be together for the weekend.


Melissa said...

Hope everything goes smoothly this time. Good luck.

Lauren in GA said...

We are praying. Sorry she is feeling lousy...she looks so sweet.

Vicki said...

I'm sorry and sad she feels so rotten. Hope she can come home for the weekend, that no surprises come your way.
We're praying for you!