Friday, July 8, 2011

The End

The End has finally arrived.  Averi had her central line port taken out today!

We woke up early today for what should be her last trip to the OR for a very long time.  It's funny, but we know one of the OR Nurse Practitioners by name and she always comes in to say hello and check up on Averi when she has a procedure done.  She was SO glad to hear that we were finalizing the last step in being done with chemo.

I can't say that I'm going to miss this thing even a little bit.  It has been more hassle than necessary and I am so glad to be rid of it and the worry of infection that goes with it.
Averi, on the other hand, is really going to miss having something to play with all the time.  She is a 'taggie' kind of girl and loves that the dressing is always attached to her so it is easy to find and fiddle with.  We've been joking about what she will do once it's gone.
Our wait ended up being a little longer than expected, so we enjoyed some cuddle time.  Of course Averi was asleep by the time the nurse showed up to take her away.
Thankfully the procedure didn't take very long and the anesthesiologist was able to mask her instead of intubating (I always push for that now because she does SO much better with recovery when she hasn't had a tube shoved down her already wimpy airway).

The only big concern I had about today was the fact that they would have to start an IV and I remember all too well the time she came back from the OR with 14 holes.  When I brought it up with the anesthesiologist he said they would try a few times and then possibly put one in her head.  I told him I was totally fine with that and understood that even though they look horrid, they are easier to place and just as effective (and they wouldn't even have to shave a spot).  Well guess what?  After a few pokes they put it right on the side of her noggin. :)
I am so thankful to be done with the last 9 months of chemotherapy!  Now everyone can congratulate us and I won't have to hesitate and point out that there is still something to take care of - because WE ARE DONE!


The Fisher Family said...

Hooray Averi! I hope you guys did some celebrating. And of course you will always have little worries in the back of your mind about her cancer coming back, etc. but really, one of mine could be hit by a bus tomorrow, too. Ok, so maybe that isn't very uplifting, but why lose the day's joy because of the sorrow that could come tomorrow? Actually, I think the Savior said it best, as always: "Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof." Just have fun with that little one, and let tomorrow worry about itself.

Nicki said...

Yeah! I am so excited that you can move on and live life outside the hospital. Little Averi will be in our prayers.

Nicki said...

Yeah! I am so excited that you can move on and live life outside the hospital. Little Averi will be in our prayers.

Runningmama said...

Yay! So glad we are both done with the whole leukemia ordeal! I was so excited when Emily got her port out!