Sunday, December 26, 2010

Hospital Christmas

Contrary to our hopes that Averi would have a Christmas miracle and wake up with an ANC of 500 (the magical number needed to go home), she went back down to 0 yesterday.

Thankfully, we made plans to all stay at the hospital Christmas Eve, against their rules ;), and it didn't matter where we were.  Kaili slept in the bathtub and Dan and I managed to get a full size air mattress into the room.  We spent Christmas day opening presents, hanging out in our pjs, and making memories.  It was a blast!
Her counts went back up a little today and we are crossing our fingers that they will continue to go up so she can come home for a little while while my family is here visiting.  Other than waiting, which seems to be our favorite game in life, we are doing great!


Glenn and Melanie said...

The cutest Santa I ever saw!

Frances said...

That is what I admire so much of you and your family. You HAD Christmas didn't just spend it there.