Thursday, December 2, 2010

Home Sweet Home - Part 3

As part of the chemo regimen for cycle 2, Averi has to get a big nasty shot in her leg after the first 2 days.  Since she got her last dose of chemo during the night, the nurse woke me up this morning to let me know that they were icing her leg in preparation for the shot.  She said it feels a lot like a flu shot, in that it hurts to get and stays sore for a while, and she had been stressing about giving it all night.

So, with an iced leg and two nurses holding down her sleeping body, Averi got her shot.  Did she scream?  No. Did she cry?  No.  Did she fuss and then roll over on her side, put her thumb in her mouth, and go back to sleep?  YES!  It was a miracle.

After that we were ready to go, except for that nagging feeling that something was wrong with her throat.  I'm hoping it's just sore from being intubated, but she keeps waking herself up and crying when she coughs and gagging on everything she eats.  I had to fish a tinny piece of fruit out of her mouth yesterday after she gagged on it several times and almost threw up.

When I asked the doctor to look at her throat before she went home, just so I wouldn't have to worry about it at home, he told the nurse that he might want to keep her another night.  That's what I get for being cautious.  Luckily, her fellow came in, looked down her throat, and said that it was red but not infected and we could still go home.

So, by the end of today we found ourselves all at home together as a family...until Tuesday anyways.  The girls and I snuggled up to read books and Averi did some texting.
It was wonderful.  Thank goodness for happy moments!


Celeste Ferguson said...

Love that picture!! :)

Glenn and Melanie said...

She's texting her grandma of course!