Saturday, December 18, 2010

Not Sepses

After 48 hours (I still say there has to be a faster way of doing it) nothing grew on Averi's cultures.  It was just a cold, or at least something that wasn't in her blood stream!  Although it left her puking and with a high fever, it did not send her to the PICU.  I guess I'll count that as a blessing.

She's still not really in the mood to do anything but her fever is gone and her antibiotics are being readjusted.  She won't eat and definitely won't drink anything, but she's not in the PICU.  Hopefully she will start feeling better soon.

In the midst of all this being sick, Averi received a very sweet present this week.  Each member of Kaili's preschool class made Averi a Christmas Get Well Card with a yarn tree on the front.  The letters were so cute!  We hung them up in Averi's hospital room so that we could all enjoy them.  (Note the Christmas lights that we had to jump through hoops to keep up on the walls.  If we have to be here during Christmas time, we're gunna make it festive, dang it!)

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