Friday, December 24, 2010


One of my friends made the most creative gift for Averi that I have ever seen (and definitely never thought of)...a stylin' hospital gown!  I LOVE it, and so does Averi!
You can't see all the cute details because Averi wouldn't sit still, but there is a detachable flower behind her right hand and a slot with a bow on the bottom left for her G-tube port.  The back has double ties so that her skin is covered up and not hanging out in the breeze and the shoulders have buttons and velcro.  It is for sure the cutest hospital gown ever!

By way of the "are we getting out of here for Christmas" we are not.  Yesterday was the first day that Averi's ANC wasn't 0, it was a whopping 6.  It may not be much, but it promises a soon increase, which is more than we've seen in the last several weeks.

Today her counts went up to 54.  The doctors came by and said that she may be able to go home for a few hours tomorrow but that was it.  Dan informed them that if she couldn't go home tonight, so that she could be there for Christmas morning and then return to the hospital later, then it wasn't worth it (they don't know about our plan to have the whole family stay the night in Averi's room).  Besides, if her counts don't go up at all tomorrow, it won't matter anyways.

While it's not the ideal way to spend our Christmas, we will definitely make the most of it.  I'm sure it will be a Christmas to remember. :)


Ellen said...

What a wonderful idea for a styling hospital gown for such a beautiful girl. Kudos to your friend.

The Giaimo's said...

That is super cute!! She should make them and sell them at the hospital gift shop! She could make a killing!

Tina said...

That is really cute! Like really really cute!

Diana Taggart said...

An adorable dress for an adorable girl!

Glenn and Melanie said...

Does she have a pattern??