Wednesday, July 13, 2011

An A Fair of the Heart

Tonight was the annual cardiac celebration at the hospital.  Once a year the children's hospital puts on a huge party for all of their cardiac patients.  It is an awesome way to celebrate the second chance at life that many of them have been given through open heart surgery (like Averi) or any kind of heart care.  It's also a wonderful opportunity to see the doctors who performed the surgeries and thank them by showing them the fruit of their labors.

We went for the first time last year and had a blast!  When we got our invitation this year we only had one hesitation - taking Averi into a crowded room of germy people.  Since her port is officially out and her ANC is over 1000, we decided that only 'normal' life is ahead us and we ventured out of the house.

I'm not gunna lie, I was a hot mess the entire night, but I still managed to have fun.  We just held Averi the entire time and didn't let anyone touch her.  Depending on whether she gets sick some time soon maybe we'll start going out a little more. ;)

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