Friday, July 15, 2011

Scrub a Dub Dub

It's been a week since Averi had her central line taken out and we have been given the go ahead to take off her band-aids and give her a BATH!

On a side note, we were all making jokes about how much Averi would miss the dressing on her chest but we forgot to take into consideration the band-aids that would replace it for a while.  She keeps picking at the band-aids and pulling them off.  This scares me because I don't want the site to get infected while it is healing.  When the port is taken out the surgeon doesn't even stitch the hole closed so that if the site isn't completely sterile he doesn't close any germs in.  Luckily, the site is looking great and the scab is already getting smaller - just in time for a BATH!  (If you can't tell, I'm pretty excited about the BATH!)
When Averi's port got infected and they had to remove it (note the matching scar on the other side of her chest) there was a break of a little over a week and we were able to give her a bath the night before the new port was placed.  That was over 8 months ago.

I have really been looking forward to the day that we could actually wash off all the hospital/vomit/stuff instead of just rubbing it around with a wet disposable cloth that smells like men's aftershave - and the day finally came.  We didn't know how Averi would respond though, seeing as she hasn't even touched water for so long...
She had a BLAST!!!  She LOVED it!!!  It was so nice watching her enjoy herself while she splashed water all over the entire bathroom (and for once I didn't care).

We took a video of me putting her in the water for the very first time but forgot to take nudity into consideration :) so you'll have to settle for this very cute video of her splashing after warming up to the water for a couple of minutes.
Of course we like to keep things exciting in our house, so after about 10 minutes we saw brown mush floating up from behind Averi.  Let's just say that adding water to poop that already has colace and milk of magnesia added to it twice a day is super yummy.  After yanking her out of the tub, cleaning up the mess, and spraying the tub down with bleach, we put Averi back in the tub (with a little more water this time since she was having so much fun) and scrubbed her down.  I'm not gunna lie, I washed her several times over. ;)
I have to admit, there isn't much that's cuter than a clean baby wrapped up in a towel - and she finally got to use her hooded towel that's been hanging in the bathroom for months now.  I can't wait to give her another bath tomorrow! :)


Micaela said...

This is such a sweet post! I laughed and then cried at how much fun she was having in her tubby. I am so so sooooo happy that you guys are able to finally be putting a few things behind you. Go give your baby a BATH!!!!!!!

Stephanie said...

I loved seeing that video! I'm guessing she's taking lots of baths! :)