Friday, December 10, 2010

I Jinxed It

Yesterday all was well in the world, and then I went and posted about it.  When I said that Averi was feeling great I forgot that last Thursday was the day we went home from the hospital and Averi spent the entire night throwing up.

Well this week's chemo was no exception.  As Dan went to lay Averi in bed before we headed home, she threw up all down his front.  She was fine all day but she really fought eating dinner, more than usual, and seemed a little fussy for the rest of the evening.  Apparently her tummy wasn't feeling too great because she gave dinner back.

The nurse ordered some IV Zofran and we did the usual cleaning up.  Poor Averi was so exhausted that she fell asleep naked with her eyes half open while Dan was holding her.
Things calmed down but then she had another bigger episode.  Once her stomach was empty and the Zofran had kicked in, she slept for the rest of the night.

What is up with this?  I even knocked on wood when I said things were going well.  From now on I will only have bad things to say so that Karma will stop kicking me. =P

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Lauren in GA said...

Poor sweet baby. I like the Christmas lights...was this before you got busted for putting them up?