Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Faster Way

Averi came back to the hospital today to finish getting the chemo for cycle 2 and then stay for several weeks until her blood counts come back up.  Our time at home always seems so short.  Just when we've settled into a somewhat 'normal' life, (if normal consists of your 19 month old sleeping in your room and waking you up at odd hours of the night) it's time to pack up yet again.

I was thinking the other day how lucky we are that Kaili still gets to come see Averi at the hospital.  Last year, because of the swine flu, kids under 12 couldn't visit people at the hospital from the beginning of October until April.  We have already been allowed to enjoy 2 months more than that.  I know flu season will start soon but I am so thankful for the time we've had to spend as a family, even if it isn't 'normal.'
Luckily Averi has been feeling much better since getting the zofran and even started eating well on Sunday...just in time for the trip back for more chemo.  Since we didn't start this admission with a trip to the OR or the PICU, we started at the Day Hospital.  I was told that the point of the Day Hospital was to get the chemo started faster, without having to do all the admission paperwork, and then being transferred to a room later on.

When chemo was finally started 3 1/2 hours after our arrival, Averi and I were a little concerned about how long the slower way of just being admitted to the floor would take...
We did finally get moved to a room on the floor, that didn't consist of a curtain wall (which is great for napping babies by the way), and spent the rest of the day hanging out as usual.

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Lauren in GA said...

Good job looking in the bright side, Tiffany. It really is great that Kaili gets to visit her.