Tuesday, November 30, 2010

To the OR Again

Being home for Thanksgiving was nerve racking but wonderful.  Everyone was really good about sanitizing.  Of course I somehow ended up being sick and having to wear a mask the whole time but at least we were all together.  I also enjoyed having a break from posting, or more having a break from having a reason to post.  Despite my jumping at every cough, Averi did just fine and only threw up once (while still wearing her bib).

Now we are back in the thick of things and I need to get my game face back on.  We got up dark and early this morning to be admitted to the OR.  After a short wait (it would almost feel weird if we didn't have to wait) I gave Averi a kiss and once again put her life in a stranger's hands.

First, the surgeon put in a new broviac.  It had to be placed on the right side this time since there is now permanent scarring from having the previous broviac on the left side.  He told me he would make the exit spot on her chest parallel to the other one but they are super lopsided and would drive me crazy if they were on me.  Now Averi not only has two sets of nipples, they don't even match up.

After the surgeon was done, another bone marrow biopsy was performed.  Everything went great.  The anesthesiologist even gave her a steroid to help with her post-op croup and she came out of recovery sitting up and playing.  It was amazing!  (In case you are wondering, I spent all of my worries today on her care in the PACU, where that idiot nurse gave her meds without cleaning her line first.  Luckily it turned out okay.)

We spent the rest of the day cuddling and napping.  Being the crappy mother that I am, I left the camera at home, but I promise she is still super cute.  Hopefully the results of her biopsy will come back tomorrow and she can finally get started on Cycle 2.  Is it weird that I'm happy we are on the oncology floor?


Anonymous said...

First let me say - YOU are a GREAT mom! Camera or no camera. Second we are so glad things went good over Thanksgiving for you. Averi stays in my prayers.

Lauren in GA said...

What is it with the careless nurses?!! For pity sake!!

She looks darling in her crocheted outfit in the last post.

I can't imagine how hard it is to keep having to, as you said, put her life into a stranger's hands. You are so strong, Tiffany. Truly.