Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Storm has Arrived

Averi started puking last night and it has continued throughout the day.  The ironic thing is that we finally know how to best help her when she's nauseous and this is the last time it will matter.

Treating her went surprisingly well today.  I told the nurse I was going to stop all feeds (especially tube feeds since it is incredibly mean to pump someone's stomach full of food when they are sick) and that we needed to start some IV fluids.  She was doubtful but asked the doctor anyways.  Apparently the resident asked her if that's what the parents wanted, and if so then she should do it.  I had to laugh when I heard that.  I guess we have finally earned some degree of respect around here.
(A few days ago, during happier times.)

We also had them start her on the zofran and phenergan.  And guess what - she's over 2 now so they finally gave her her the okay to use IV phenergan.  You know, the one that actually does something because it doesn't immediately get puked back up.  It has been working like a charm and she has been sleeping really well.

She did need platelets today, which is just another sign that her body is responding to the chemo.  Hopefully the yucks don't last too long so that we can go back outside again soon.

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Lauren in GA said...

Sorry the storm blew in...

Great job on knowing how to help her, Mama!