Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Not so Glorious

Averi's ANC only stayed at 0 for one day and is on it's way back up at a whopping 144 today.  While I'm glad that she's making a recovery I can only wonder how long they will keep her here since she has so many other things going on.

Fortunately the antibiotics are starting to kick in and by this evening her appetite was slowly coming back.  She even ate some baby food and freeze dried fruit pieces.

As it turns out, her blood cultures came back positive for gram negative rods.  Of course they did.  It's not like she has enough going on right now.  So they added yet another antibiotic to her regimen, making it a total of 4.  I really hope this is just a contaminant that was on the edge of her line after she pooped on it and it didn't really get into her blood.

I had a sad realization today.  I found out that if her ANC gets high enough Averi can be discharged while she is being treated for C. diff (which is a total of 10 days).  While this could be sooner than later depending on what her blood cultures say, it also means that she won't be allowed out of her room anymore while we are here.

This is her last treatment and she can't even roam the halls having her last hoorah and saying her goodbyes.  This is not how it's supposed to end.  It's supposed to be more glorious and happy and carefree.

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