Saturday, June 18, 2011

Our Little Drug Addict

I’m starting to wonder if coming home was such a great idea (which is only said in jest because being home is always the best option!).  Averi has quite the medication regimen and we are missing the night nurses who used to noisily come in the room and give the meds for us. :)

Yesterday when we got home, the home nurse came and oriented us on giving Averi her IV antibiotics.  She was late, there were lots of silly papers to sign, and we already knew how to do it so it was a fun visit.

After she left I had to sit down and write out a med schedule so that we knew when all the ‘every 6 hours’ and ‘every 8 hours’ medicines were due.  That’s when I realized that Dan and I were going to have to take turns getting up all through the night in order to stay on track.  One of stayed up till 1:00 while the other one got up at 3:00.  Judging by how tired I am today, it’s going to be a long next few days.

Luckily the IV antibiotics don’t take quite as long to administer as the ones did back in October.  This is because one of them is in a vacuum bottle that slowly administers itself.  It is the coolest thing ever!
(You hook up the one on the left and the balloon slowly deflates over 30 minutes until it looks like the one on the right.)

Don’t worry, we only have to do this for another week.  After that there will be plenty of time for catching up on lost sleep.

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