Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Come on Antibiotics

Today was our first visit back to the Clinic since coming home.  I was actually pretty glad because I had some concerns to voice to the doctor and I was curious how her blood work was doing.  Thankfully her ANC was in the 800's, so it is on it's way to recovery.
(Watching PBS while waiting on blood work.  Kaili was making sure Averi didn't fall off the chair.)

This morning was Averi's last dose of Flagyl, the antibiotic to treat her C. diff.  However, her IV antibiotics go until Saturday.  Remember how I told you that she got the C. diff in the first place because she was on antibiotics?  I told the doctor that it made no sense to me to stop treating the C. diff when she was still on other antibiotics that could just encourage her to get it again (once you have C. diff, your chances of getting it again go way up).  Thankfully she had no problem extending the Flagyl until the day after the IVs are done.

My other concern is the fact that one of the bacterias growing in Averi's blood is the exact same one that set up shop in her broviac line after doing IV antibiotics at home and ultimately led to her PICU stay.  The next steps for Averi are having a bone marrow biopsy and (if it's clear) getting her broviac out, hopefully sometime soon.  So I asked if we could extend her antibiotics until she had her broviac out so that there wouldn't be any chance of infection in the line.  She said no.

While she does understand my concerns, she said that we wouldn't do that if Averi was going to get another round of chemo and we just have to trust that the antibiotics are doing their job.  That didn't do much to make me feel better.  She did buffer my fears a little by scheduling more blood cultures to be taken when we come back next week, but the truth is that if Averi's going to get sick it's going to happen before we come back.

She's going to schedule the biopsy as soon as possible since Averi's ANC is closing in on 1,000 and then we can get the port out and be done with the sepsis worrying forever.

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