Monday, June 27, 2011

Why the Drama?

The doctor called on Friday to let us know that Averi's bone marrow biopsy is scheduled for tomorrow.  The only stipulation is that we need to have her blood work done today to make sure her hemoglobin is over 10.  If not, then she needs to have a transfusion of red blood cells tonight before going to the OR in the morning.
(Enjoying some much needed sunshine!  She's pretty excited...)

After Friday's call I immediately called our home health nurse and asked her to come over in the morning to draw Averi's blood so that there would be enough time to have it processed and get a transfusion if needed.  She said she'd be here at 8:00.

By 10:00 I called to find out where she was and she said she never got the orders that I had faxed over...riiight.  Then she had to go see another patient.  Long story short, she showed up at 1:00 and left by 1:30 to drive 30 minutes to the lab that would then process it and send the results to our doctor who would then call us.  I guess she thought that left plenty of time for us to get a 2-3 hour transfusion if need be.

I've been left a little frustrated.  The good news is that Averi's hemoglobin came back at 10.2 so there was no need for a transfusion and we are good to go for tomorrow.  Why does everything have to be so dramatic?

Her ANC was 954, which means her marrow is continuing to improve and recover.  Hopefully everything goes well tomorrow and there are no more blasts.  For some reason I was super nervous about her last biopsy but since that one came back clear of any leukemic cells I don't really have any doubts about this one. After two more rounds of chemo it can't have gotten any worse.

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Deanna said...

She is a precious little one! Hope everything is okay with her! :)