Sunday, June 26, 2011

Now Don't Start That Again

Today was the big day, the first day with no antibiotics.  I was a hot mess!

Let me give you a refresher on what happened the last time we finished giving IV antibiotics at home.  The last dose was given on Thursday or Friday.  On Saturday afternoon we flushed her lines with saline and heparin to keep them from clotting.  Within an hour she was mottled, cold, had a fever, and projectile vomiting.

I did not want a repeat!  We decided to flush her line in the morning so that we could keep a close eye on her for a while before putting her in bed.  After a few hours I started feeling a little better, until I remembered that when she got poop in her caps the first time she didn’t show symptoms of being sick until a few days later.  Needless to say, I watched her like a hawk.

She was fine all day until right before bed.  Dan told me that she felt a little warm as he was laying her down and he decided to take her temperature.  It was 99.8.  Not quite a fever but not normal either.  Then he told me that he almost didn’t say anything because he didn’t want to worry me (good thing he rethought that one).

Now I can’t sleep and I have been checking her temperature every 30 minutes.  It has gone down a little and she is acting fine so I think I might try to get some sleep.  We’ll see how it goes… 

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Glenn and Melanie said...

I'm glad she was OK!!!!