Saturday, June 11, 2011

C. difficile

I often wish that Averi could talk, sometimes it's because she's 2 years old and hasn't even said her first word yet, but mostly I wish that she could tell me what hurts and how she's feeling during all this chemo crap.

The puking has not subsided.  In fact it has spread from Kaili to Dan and to me.  Fortunately I set up for a constant to sit with Averi yesterday so I could stay home with Kaili because I woke up running for the toilet and immediately left.  Averi puked after PT and laid around for most of the day.

It has continued through today and we've had to stop her feeds altogether again.  Just when I thought we were going to get rid of her IV fluids we are back to square one.  I wish she could tell me if she is feeling chemo nauseous or stomach bug sick.  I wish she could tell me if her stomach hurts from intestinal cramping or just a lack of appetite.

As she has continued to pour fluids out of both ends, Dan came up with a better solution than my mega diaper:
He wrapped her caps in plastic bags and taped them shut.  This works quite well, except when the poor nurse has to access the lines to draw blood or give meds. :)

Just as today was drawing to a close, the nurse came in to inform us that the C. diff tests came back positive. Super!  Now she has been put on an oral antibiotic.  The ironic thing is that Averi most likely got C. diff because the broad spectrum antibiotics she was on to treat her previous line infection also killed off the healthy bacteria in her GI tract, allowing the C. diff to take over.  One thing just seems to lead to the next.

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