Thursday, June 2, 2011

Fresh Air

Averi's morning play times are becoming something of a habit.  Luckily, there hasn't been any more poop involved since we decided to keep her in onesies, but it's still really early.  Yesterday I decided that something needed to be done about our east facing window with broken blinds - so I taped a blanket over the window.  Of course I was retaping it at 4:00 this morning, but it seemed to help. :)

Now that Averi isn't attached to any chemo and she doesn't have a fever and she's not feeling nauseous, we decided to be adventurous today.  We went outside!
There is a playground on the roof of the third floor that patients are allowed to use (if they meet the above criteria) and for the first time since starting chemo in October, Averi was able to use it.  Of course it was too cold to use during the winter, and the few times the playground wasn't covered in snow there was some other reason Averi couldn't go.
She loved it!  We took a blanket to sit on and toys to play with (since everything out there was way too germy) and just soaked up the sun.  We only lasted 15 minutes before her pale and fragile skin started to turn red, but the fresh air was SO worth it!

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Lauren in GA said...

Yay for some sunshine!!

I love her hat ☺.