Sunday, June 12, 2011

Don't Fall Down

Averi seemed to be doing a little better today so Dan fed her some baby food.  By the time he left at the end of the day and I tried to feed her she puked all over.

Of course she had just gotten her oral medication to treat the C.diff so the nurse had to give it to her again.  I don't quite understand why they are giving her an oral med when they know she's nauseous and she has a central line.  I've been told that the oral works better since it is actually going through her GI tract instead of just into her blood, but if it's not staying in her system long enough to go through then what's the point?

On top of that, the C. diff isn't just a stinky, watery poo.  It's causing severe abdominal cramping, fever, and loss of appetite.  Trust me when I say it makes for one very unhappy baby.

Then, while hanging out as a family tonight, I watched in slow motion as Averi fell over backwards out of the recliner (while snuggling with big sister) and hit her head on the bottom of the IV pole.  She cried for a while and has a dent on the back of her head that is sure to be an awesome bruise tomorrow.

By the time I put her to bed she was acting completely normal but the doctors insist that she have a neurological exam every 4 hours.  This consists of waking my sick, pathetic baby to shine a light in her eyes - every 4 hours all night long.  Who knows when she'll ever be allowed a good night's sleep.

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