Thursday, May 6, 2010

Speech Evaluation

Now that Averi is a year old and just barely starting to babble, we were referred for a speech evaluation. Of course we had to go to the other side of Columbus for it, but the lady was really nice and Averi enjoyed playing with her bubbles.

The evaluation took about 1.5 hours and she concluded that Averi is at the level of about a 6-9 month old, which isn’t as bad as I thought. She said that Averi will definitely need speech therapy but it probably won’t be much good right now since she isn’t talking yet. The waiting list is long so she went ahead and added Averi’s name to it.

She called me back later today and said that she had heard about a new monthly group program that encompasses OT, PT, and Speech Therapy. I told her we would give it a try. For now she just wants us to keep working on imitating sounds and trying to get Averi to repeat them back to us.

On a funnier note, I noticed tonight that Averi’s steroid had run out in half the time it was supposed to. I immediately assumed the pharmacy hadn’t given me enough. Dan then pointed out that I had been giving her 1 tsp twice a day instead of ½ tsp. Opps!

I called the pediatricians office and the doctor said that Averi was going to be alright, that she didn’t need to go to the ER, and that I would have to get another prescription to wean her off the medication. Nice, my daughter is addicted to steroids because of me and I now have to wean her off of them slowly so she doesn’t go into withdrawals.

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