Thursday, May 27, 2010

Ling Sounds

Today was also our monthly visit to see Jennifer at the Regional Infant Hearing Program. She has been letting us borrow some of her Signing Times videos and Kaili and I have been learning the ASL signs so we can teach Averi as she gets older. I did some signing with Kaili as a baby and it was very helpful so I have great hopes for Averi.

Jennifer has been working on what she calls Ling Sounds. These are common sounds that she associates with a specific toy, like:
•Aaaaaaaaahhhh – airplane
•Booooooooooo – light up ghost
•Beeeeeeeeeeeee – vibrating bee
•Ssssssssssssssss – snake
There are more but we haven’t gotten to them yet. She also begins each session by banging on drums and shaking maracas with Averi. She will slowly start using them further away from Averi and then hidden behind something to see if Averi will turn in the direction of the sound. Averi responds really well to this.

She suggested asking the audiologist if it would be beneficial to give Averi a Crossover hearing aid which takes the sound from her good ear and puts it into her right ear. She says this will keep the nerve stimulated, even if it’s not really hearing very much.

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