Thursday, May 27, 2010

Allergy RAST Test

The nutritionist thought that it would be a good idea to reintroduce dairy into Averi’s diet now that she is a year old (it’s common to outgrow dairy allergies during the first year) and our breastmilk supply will soon be running out. As I’ve said before, I started her on yogurt (on the 15th) at the same time she got sick and therefore didn’t know what caused the rash she got a few days later.

So we stopped the dairy until the rash went away and she was healthy again and started introducing it again on Sunday (23rd). By Tuesday the rash was back. Now this rash is just little tiny red spots all over her body and it doesn’t seem to bother her. I decided to call the nutritionist yesterday, not because I was worried, but to make sure what I was supposed to be looking for in a dairy allergy reaction. They overreacted, stopped all dairy, and sent me to the pediatrician.

So we headed to the pediatrician this morning. Her rash was already looking better and he said that it didn’t look like the hives that usually accompany food allergies. I convinced him to just order a blood test since she is now over a year old (why that matters I have no idea).

Over at the lab, sporting the nasty bruises she got last week from her blood work, the tech couldn’t find a vein. Long story short, it took three women, over 30 minutes, pinning Averi to a bed and listening to her scream, and two sticks that consisted of wiggling the needle around inside her arm for several minutes for them to decide that she was a hard stick and it wasn’t going to happen.

They finally decided to go with a finger stick and squeeze the blood out, which took a while because she needed 3 mls. I was only able to endue it because I knew how helpful the results were going to be. Now we just have to wait for an extended weekend before we can get the results.

On a happier note, I got her thyroid results in the mail and they came back normal!


Lauren in GA said...

That is wonderful that her thyroid results were normal!!

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