Thursday, May 20, 2010

OT: Week 16, Chewing

Frances had a meeting Monday morning so we had to reschedule for today and meet her over at the main hospital. When she called to reschedule I told her that Averi still wasn’t doing well with the bottle and she suggested we try using a sippy cup. I tried putting some thickened milk in a sippy lid but she just wanted to chew on it.

I think she is finally starting to teeth because she is chewing on everything, including her own thumb. Frances said we can use this to our advantage and got out one of those net things that you can put food in. The baby can chew on it but only little pieces of food come out so they won’t choke. Frances put a fruit chew in it and Averi went to town!

She ate almost the whole thing and looked happy and drunk when she was done.

Frances also tried giving her a bottle but she was kind of tired from all the chewing so she didn’t do much with it. I can’t wait to try some other foods in the net and see how she does.

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Jennifer said...

We discovered those things when Ashley was first starting solids. They are great! Glad Averi loves them too. :)