Wednesday, May 19, 2010

PT: Week 7, Sitting

This Sunday at church one of my friends had her son sitting on this really cool mat. It had a pillow on it, kind of like a miniature Boppy, and I immediately knew I had to get one. The pillow was the perfect size for tucking under Averi’s bum to help her sit and for laying under her chest to help with tummy time. When I asked her about it, she just gave it to me and said she was done with it anyways. It’s the little things in life that mean the most.

Monday night I laid Averi on it on her tummy while we ate dinner. Not only did she stay there the entire time we ate dinner, but she didn’t even cry. She usually HATES tummy time and immediately rolls to her back.

I couldn’t wait to show it to Abbi so I took it with me to PT this morning. Abbi was equally excited. We used it to help with sitting and then Abbi slowly moved it away from Averi’s back. The next thing I knew she was sitting there all by herself!

I think Abbi was trying to make me feel better about missing last week, but she kept talking about the great improvements Averi had made even since last week. We still just have her leaning forward but she stayed sitting up even when crying or looking up at me.

We even managed to get Averi to laugh at one point during the session which means that she wasn’t crying the entire time, granted she did not like learning to sit up from a laying down position. It was such a great day, I’m still on an Averi can sit buzz.


Jennifer said...

Congratulations! She is so cute!

Vicki said...

YAH!!! can you hear me shouting? I'm so thrilled and excited and happy and joyous and....well you get the hint. Great job Averi!