Saturday, May 15, 2010

LEAP Program

Today was our first time at the LEAP (Learning Enrichment Activities for Parents) Program. I thought it was going to be more of a group Q and A session for the parents but it was more of a let your kids play and we’ll watch them setting.

During the session the three therapists (Occupational, Physical, and Speech) rotated around the room visiting with each parent and child to see what they are doing and give suggestions for things to work on. Then at the end, they gave me handouts with ideas of things to do with Averi over the next month.

Averi was the only baby so we ended up just sitting in the corner away from the toddlers. They decided to separate the younger and older kiddos so the next session will just be kids that are not walking. Hopefully it will be a little less crazy.

Each session involves paying three co-pay, one for each specialty, so I am not going to continue to go if we aren’t getting more out of it than we do each week in the individual therapies.

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