Wednesday, May 26, 2010

PT: Week 8, We Want More

On a side note, make sure you are checking the “Latest Post” list on the side because I have added in a few new posts out of order. Maybe one day I will get around to posting about the first 3 months of her life, you know, now that she is over a year old…

Averi is now doing really well at sitting. I can sit her down, leave the room to help Kaili with something, and come back to find her still sitting (even if she is screaming her lungs out).
Abbi was very impressed, so impressed in fact that she decided she needed more. I am quickly learning that once you learn how to do something in PT, they want you to use that skill to do something more. So she started teaching Averi how to get up to sitting.

Getting to sit involves laying her on her back, rolling her to her side, and pushing her hips down so she will pull herself up to sitting with her core and hopefully push a little on the floor with her arms. It also involves a lot of crying, but what at PT doesn’t?

Averi is also tolerating tummy time so much better now that I have that little pillow. However, she is also perfecting her rolling onto her back. =P She is using her arms much more to push against the floor so hopefully they are getting stronger. I suppose we will just keep working for more.

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