Wednesday, June 2, 2010

PT: Week 9, What to do with Sitting

Averi is still not interested in getting in or out of sitting by herself. She prefers to sit and scream or simply fall backwards and bang her head on the ground which also leads to screaming.

Abbi decided to focus on this today by continuing to work on getting to sit like last week and teaching Averi to sit with one leg in front and one leg behind while supporting herself with her arms. This did not go over well.

She also worked on tummy time and supporting herself on her arms there as well. At one point she propped Averi up on her hands and knees while holding her feet to keep them from slipping backwards. Averi was able to support herself for a minute or two before collapsing to the mat.

Abbi says that Averi has pretty good tone for having DS but to make sure that she doesn’t go frog legged while lying on her stomach. She can’t learn to crawl if her legs are out to the side instead of behind her.


Vicki said...

We're having to work on tummy time too. I remember reading a post you made about a certian type of pillow that helped A like tummy time better. I told my PT about it and she let me borrow a C shaped one. B seems to like it but, goes into a frog like position....darn that frog!

B doesn't like to sit in that certian position that's suppose to help them get up or down either. These DS girls sure are stubborn...but oh soooo cute!!

Lauren in GA said...

I have been thinking about you non stop since I read your DS support group post.

I hope what I say doesn't ever come across as patronizing...but I just wanted to say that, every time I look at pictures of Averi I think she is so beautiful and am so excited that she is smiling so brightly and looks so, so happy. You are doing such a wonderful job with her. Truly. She looks happy and at peace. I know all of this is going to be a very long road...with seemingly no end in sight...but you are doing such great things for her.