Tuesday, June 15, 2010

OT: Week 20, Little Bites

We went to OT today so that we could see the results of the swallow study before working on new stuff. I updated Frances on yesterday’s conclusions and we got out a bottle and got to work.

Averi is still not really interested in the bottle. She kept chewing on the nipple until Frances decided to spoon feed the milk to her. She did a little bit better eating it that way but still wasn’t really excited about it.

I told Frances about my concern that Averi doesn’t tolerate food with chunks and she got out some mandarin oranges. She chopped them into tiny pieces and put them in Averi’s cheek so that she could manipulate them before swallowing. Averi’s tongue went crazy! It was hysterical. Frances even shared her lunch banana so that we could mush it up and feed it to Averi as well.

Averi seems to not be able to find the food in her mouth so Frances told me to put her food in the freezer for an hour so that she can feel the cold and be more aware of it. I can also add lemon juice to her food to help her be more aware of it or even give her a pickle to chew on. Don’t worry, I’ll take pictures.

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