Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Little Caterpillar

I took Averi in for another follow-up Audiology appointment today.  They have us return every so often to see if there is still no hearing in her right ear and to make sure that the hearing in her left ear is staying normal.

They started with the usual tests for fluid behind the ear drum and a stimulatory reaction to sound.  Both of these are done quickly with just a tube stuck in each ear.  Then they had me take her to the sound booth.  The last time she was in there she screamed the entire time so I was a little skeptical.

This time, however, they put tubes in her ears instead of just using the speakers.  She looked so cute!  The tubes went out and around to clip on the back of her shirt so they looked just like caterpillar antenna.  I wanted to take a picture to bad.

She did really well responding to the sound on her left ear by looking up and trying to figure out where it came from.  When they started doing her right ear she got bored and fidgety because she couldn’t hear anything.  When she started crying I figured we were done but then I tried sitting on the floor in front of her instead of having her on my lap.  She liked that much better and I was able to keep her occupied for several more tests on both ears.

The results were the same.  No response on the right ear.  She responded to the lady making ling sounds on the left ear, but not really to the machines beeping sounds.  Apparently that is pretty normal in kiddos her age.

I asked them about getting a hearing aid for her right ear to keep the nerve stimulated like Jennifer from the Regional Infant Hearing Program told me.  They said that I need an audiology exam (check) and a prescription from an ENT to get a hearing aid, so they set up an appointment for us to meet with the Hearing Clinic Team.  Hopefully they will have some good ideas for us.

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