Wednesday, June 23, 2010

PT: Week 12, Same Old

It’s funny, Averi only tolerates sitting for a little while when we are at home, but she loves it at PT because that her resting/break position.

We worked on the same things today and Abbi also added in trying to get Averi to stand up with support on her legs. She doesn’t like to bear any weight on her legs. She is also perfecting arching her back to try to get out of things but Abbi is stronger and makes her do them anyways.

Abbi even tried sitting on the swing with Averi while holding some of her positions. Averi tolerated it a little bit better, but still wasn’t very happy about it. Abbi says that if Averi stopped fighting it so much, she could hold all the positions by herself. Abbi just holds on to make sure Averi doesn’t loose her form.

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