Wednesday, June 9, 2010

PT: Week 10, Screaming = Tolerating

Averi did a little bit better this week with getting in and out of sit. By better I mean that she allowed Abbi to put her into positions without flailing backwards. This does not mean that she was at all having fun or that she did not scream the entire time. Abbi said she tolerated it much better than last week.

Her core is getting much stronger. For the last several weeks Abbi has mentioned how Averi seems to be advancing quite well. She is better at doing sit-ups on the ball and simply sitting without being touched. Her arms are getting stronger as well. She will hold herself up from her tummy with straight arms for at least a minute if Abbi supports her knees and legs.

For having Ds and tending toward low muscle tone, I have had several people tell me lately how good Averi’s tone is. She keeps her tongue in her mouth, even when she’s sleeping, and her legs aren’t too froggy. It’s the little things.

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