Wednesday, June 16, 2010

PT: Week 11, Muscle Arms

Abbi continued to work on the same things today:
• Situps on the ball
• Getting to sit from laying down (rolling her onto her side and tilting her hips so that she has to use her arm and core muscles to sit up)
• Sitting to the side (one leg in front and one behind with both hands supporting her in front)
• Supporting herself on her hands and knees

Averi’s arms are getting much stronger. When we first started PT she would not bear any weight on them but today she was holding herself up on her hands and knees – Abbi just had to push back on her shoulders to keep her from using her super strong legs to push forward onto her face.

Her favorite thing to do today was cry until she gagged herself. If she would spend less time arching her back and more time just letting Abbi position her, it would be a lot easier and go a lot faster. Too bad we can’t reason with babies. :)

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