Saturday, June 5, 2010

Broken Pump

When I got home from that very enlightening appointment, I dumped the last of my free breastmilk into the pump bag and hooked Averi up. It beeped at me telling me there was a “Feed Error” even though the milk was going through just fine. This was just what I needed.

I told it to continue only so it could beep 3 minutes later with the same message. Long story short, I sat next to Averi and pressed continue every 3 minutes while calling Apria to ask for a new pump because I’ve changed the bag 3 times and it’s still not working.

This was all highly ironic because just yesterday they came to my house and asked if they could change out my pump so that they could maintenance my existing one. Several hours later a man showed up with a different pump and told me that the pump we use is currently out of stock. Keep in mind that he is the delivery man and has not idea how to use either pump.

Then he realized that the bags he brought did not fit into the different pump. He left to get the right bags and I convinced him to look through the broken pumps at the warehouse to see if he could find the one we were using yesterday that was working just fine.

He finally returned with our old pump and I sent him on his way. From now on I will hold on to our working pump, even it does need to be “maintained.” I am ready for today to be over!

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Vicki said...

Oh my gosh, what a horrible day!! I'm so sorry! At times like this I usually tell myself "this to shall pass" but honestly, with a day like yours, I don't think that would cut it at all.
I hope you find an amazing nutritionist that will really understand and know her stuff and get you on the right road soon.