Thursday, June 10, 2010

Infant Hearing

We met with Jennifer today to continue working on Averi’s hearing. After playing with each of the Ling Sounds she tried holding up two toys and making the sound for one of them to see if Averi would look at the associated toy. Not so much. She mostly looked at Jennifer since that’s where the sound was coming from.

She also tried moving to the other side of the room to bang on the drum, ring the cow bell, and shake the maraca to see if Averi would turn toward the sound from a distance. She immediately looked at Jennifer for the drum and bell but had a slower reaction time for the maraca, probably because it has the softest/highest sound.

The last thing she did was introduce a toy cow, dog, and duck, with accompanying animal sounds. Averi was pretty unimpressed by them by them but I think she was getting tired.

We are going to keep watching her Signing Times videos and see if we can get her to learn any of the signs. I also asked Jennifer how to sign names and she said that you can sign the first letter with an accompanying characteristic. I’ll have to think of something fun to do for Kaili so we can start teaching it to Averi.

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