Thursday, March 24, 2011


Many months ago cardiology made an appointment for Averi to come in today for an echo and exam.  I don't know how they got lucky enough for it to fall on a week when we are home and actually able to go.  I talked them out of doing the sedated echo since she just had one in December after her nice visit to the PICU but they still wanted to see her and check up on her.

Everything went great and her doctor said her heart sounds like a normal heart with no murmur at all.  I was expecting that, but it still felt good to hear.

While we were at the hospital, we stopped by the lab for blood draws...and by blood draws I mean a finger stick.  Once again Averi amazed me with her ability to just be annoyed that someone was holding her hand down and not even cry that she had been poked by a needle and milked for 2 vials of blood.

I'm not going to lie, I took Averi with me to Walmart today on the way to the hospital (for the first time since she started chemo).  I know what you're thinking, I'm a horrible mother, but I had good reasoning behind it.  Her ANC was almost 3000 on Sunday so it has to be even higher today, I just needed a few essentials and we were only there for 30 minutes max, and she slept for at least half of the time with a blanket over her face.

No one called us today with her blood results since we didn't have them done until 4:00 but I'm really hoping they are high or I'm going to feel horrible about taking her into that germ fest.


Lauren in GA said...

You are not a terrible mother. Just sayin'. Sometimes you just have to visit Walmart!

Simply, Sarah said...

We have to get errands done too. What we do with Anthony (because even if he gets a small cold, it turns to pneumonia) is put him in the stroller with a plastic raincover over it. It has mesh vents, so he can still get fresh air, but he has more of a protective barrier than nothing.
Yes, he lives in a bubble if we're in public at all, but it is protecting him.
We had to be in-patient last month for 7 days for pneumonia, AWAY from our family. Bubble living is way worth preventing that again.