Monday, March 28, 2011

Go Home

We arrived at the hospital bright and early today for Averi's biopsy.  Everything went well and we were even able to get an oncology nurse to go with her into the OR which calms my nerves a lot.  Her recovery was really fast and she was sitting up and playing by the time she finally got to her room on the floor.

After getting her settled, I made my laborious trip out to the car and back with our monthly supplies.  I was proud of myself for getting unpacked so early in the day and was literally hanging the last note on the wall when her doctor walked in.

Guess what?  Her ANC was only 650.  We can't start the next cycle unless her counts are over 1000, even if they were previously that high since the last treatment.  Seriously.

I started putting the puzzle pieces together in my mind.  No one ever called us with the results of her blood work on Thursday.  Apparently her counts were only 740 (you know, the day I took her to Walmart!).  If they had known that her counts were below 1000 then, they would have tested her blood much sooner today to make sure that she was ok to start.  But everyone just assumed that she was fine and they didn't check her blood until after I had unpacked.

So we had the world's fastest admit ever.  I packed everything back up and loaded it back into the car and took Averi home.  The worst part is that my mom was more than halfway here to help out while Averi was in the hospital and it was all in vain.  In hopes of making her stay more worthwhile, I asked if we could do Averi's blood work on Wednesday instead of Friday so that maybe she can be admitted later in the week.  Until then, it looks like we are spending more time at home, which means more time added onto the end of this craziness.
(Averi is getting much better about wearing masks.  She wore this one all the way through the hospital and out to the car.)

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Tina said...

She looks like a dainty ninja.