Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Done with Cycle 4

I suppose when I start getting emails and phone calls wondering if Averi is ok it might be a sign that I need to get caught up on her blog. :)  It seems like when I get a little behind I get overwhelmed and then I get really behind.  But I am ready to redeem myself and catch you up on the craziness of the last month.  Be careful what you wish for because here it comes!

When your ANC reaches bottom, there is nowhere for it to go but up, and luckily that's what Averi's counts did after just one day at zero.  Just like last time, once her counts started going up, they went up quickly.

Her ANC was 44 Monday and doubled to 90 yesterday.  The doctor came in during rounds yesterday to inform us that if her counts were in the triple digits today we could go home.  Since that only required an increase of 10, we figured we were good to go.

Then her primary fellow visited us last night and announced that she didn't feel comfortable sending Averi home until her counts were over 200.  While I understand her concern for Averi's tendency to jump around, I was bummed.  There was no way she was going to jump that much in one day.
"Get me out of this prison!"
(Averi's latest activity of choice is pulling herself over to the edge of the crib and dangling her legs while chewing on the railing.  She looks pretty pathetic if you ask me.)

Then a miracle happened!  Her ANC went up to 192.  I held my breath while the doctors debated and they decided that being 8 away from 200 was close enough.  We got to go home!  Yipee!
We are officially done with the 'hard' rounds of chemo.  When we first started her treatment plan, the doctor told me that recovery for the last two cycles wouldn't take as long and we would get more time to be at home in between.  I'm too afraid to ask if that is still the case now that they know how Averi works.  I guess we will wait and see.


Lauren in GA said...

I have to say that the picture of her behind bars is so dang cute!

Tina said...

Alright, So I was sick of seeing a two week date on my ticker thing. I checked and there a TONS of posts. So this is where I'm starting, a comment before I read any. Here I go!