Friday, March 4, 2011

Roll Through

Something spectacular happened today...Averi got out of sit onto her stomach all by herself!!!  (You can't really tell in the video, but she starts out in sit.  The scowl on her face is lovely, but at least I have proof that it happened.)
Not only did she do it all by herself, but she did it two times in a row (proving that it wasn't a fluke) and she did it the correct way.  So many kiddos with DS take advantage of their low muscle tone and simply roll right through the middle while both legs stay out to the sides.  Averi tucked one leg in front of her and rotated the other one on the side, just liked PT has been showing her for months now.

I am SO proud of her!  This is such a big stepping stone in the process of learning to crawl.  Hopefully she will keep doing it now that she has figured it out.

Sometimes it's heartbreaking that she takes so long to learn things but sometimes it's fun to be able to celebrate each little step.  With Kaili we were excited when she rolled over, crawled, and walked, whereas with Averi we get to watch each step of the process and have way more celebrations.
(Averi lounging on my lap.  She put herself there and was perfectly content to stay.)

As far as Averi's counts go, they have been doing a classic Averi, meaning they are doing whatever they want to do.  This week her ANC went from 888, to 564, to 652, back up to 884, and then down to 504 today.  During rounds today the doctor (not the idiot med student, but the doctor) announced that since her counts had gone down again he didn't feel comfortable sending her home today.

I literally bit my tongue not to laugh out loud.  Earlier in the week he said that sometimes the counts don't go down very much after several treatments and that she might get to go home sooner.  I "jokingly" told him that that was a terrible thing to say to me and that he should know better than to get my hopes up when we haven't been here very long and my mind was geared up for 4 weeks.

When he said Averi wasn't going home today I told him we would be here at least another week and he about choked on his spit.  I don't think he believed me. :)  After he left, the nurse told me that he was confused and that if Averi's counts didn't go down there would be concern that the treatment didn't work, not just a smile and sending us home.  It's a good thing I am finally learning to be smarter than the doctors. =P

Finally, Averi's nausea has subsided and we have slowly been increasing her feed amounts and rates until she was back on a normal feeding regimen today.  She handled it just fine so they will be taking away the phenergan tomorrow.  I'm glad that we finally won the battle with puking and that she is feeling better.  Now is the waiting...


Anonymous said...

YAY AVERI...Way To Go : ) Lots of love, The Justice Family!

Lauren in GA said...

Yay, AVERI!! That's awesome!!!!!

I love how she is sitting on your lap like that. I also love that hat she is wearing.

Tina said...

I too love the hat. It looks like she is just going to slide right off your lap. I completely agree with the more careful look at stepping stones. Sometimes life just goes too fast especially with kids. It's seems like it would be quite nice to be able to see each step as they develop.

Stephanie said...

Such a cute video of Averi! Woo hoo! She's making good progress! I love it when you post videos!!

Tiffany said...

YEAH!!!! Way to go Averi!! I want to come see her so bad! I am going to have to get a sitter this week.