Thursday, March 31, 2011

Awesome News

I knew the results from the biopsy would take a couple of days, but the suspense has been I finally called the clinic and paged the doctor.  She returned my call with awesome news...there were no blasts or leukemic cells in Averi's bone marrow!!!

That means the treatment is working and we will be done in just 2 more cycles.  I was pretty sure that's what she'd say, but it felt SO good to hear it!  The cancer is leaving her body, hopefully to never return again.  It couldn't have been better news.

On another happy note, Averi is continuing to make improvements on her oral feeds.  I gave her a fruit twist today and she not only ate the whole thing, but she chewed it and didn't gag on it once.  That's a big deal.  She even ate it pretty quickly.  Maybe she can move on to steak next, as long as it's not cooked in soy sauce. :)

I also tried another experiment with Averi's Elecare today.  The psychologist at the hospital who specializes in behavioral issues, such as feeding, said she has had some success with adding Tang to the Elecare.  So I bought some Tang.

I mixed up the Elecare and thickener and Tang (sounds yummy huh? it looks even worse) and poured it into a bowl.  My hopes were that she would receive it better on a spoon than with a straw.  I had no idea just how well it would go.

She ate the initial 2 oz I gave her and still acted hungry when I told her she was all done, so I gave her the remanding 2 oz.  She ate it all without one complaint, not one.  I am so excited.  Not only are we getting closer and closer to getting fluids in her orally, but now we have the possible options of Tang Elecare or Splash.  One day...


Shantel said...

I am sitting in my living room smiling at my computer as a read your blog. I am soooooo happy for Averi and you guys! I'm sooooo glad things are going your way! We love you all!

Lauren in GA said...

YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!! Tiffany, I am so excited for your happy news!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Runningmama said...

Praise God! We have one more round to go and hopefully we will still be in remission after that.

Tina said...

That is a some good news. And even if I don't know what a fruit twist is, still, Yeah!