Sunday, March 20, 2011

Thermometer for Dinosaurs

After spending 2 nights on the floor, we got to go home again today.  The doctors nicely got our hopes up that we could go home last night but decided against it since her ANC dropped from 1900 Friday down to the 740's yesterday morning.  I'm assuming the sudden increase was due to her body trying to fight off whatever is making her sick.  Either way, Averi came home today with an ANC in the 2700's.  I guess that was good enough for them. ;)
Averi was feeling better yesterday so she and I did some light reading together.  Of course it didn't last and she threw up again last night (she was probably just showing those medical people who's boss).

Oddly enough, her temperature keeps registering differently under her arm and in her mouth so they have been requiring oral temps again.  It has been a nightmare trying to take her oral temp with the ancient thermometer they have.  It requires a lot of screaming and mouth holding for several minutes.  I will be going to the store asap to buy a fast thermometer to bring with us the next time we come.

Now that she's feeling better from whatever she had and her counts are up, I'm looking forward to a productive week at home and a nice relaxing weekend before starting cycle 5 next Monday.


Lauren in GA said...

That reading picture is just about the cutest thing I have ever seen!

Tina said...

That is a pretty cute picture, at first glance I thought you were Kaili. But I should have seen the jacket and known it was you. hehe!