Wednesday, March 9, 2011

In Your Face

While taking a walk around the halls with Averi yesterday the resident found me and informed me that we could go home.  I literally laughed out loud because I thought she was joking, but quickly turned it into a cough when I realized she was serious.

When I asked her why she said that Averi's counts are trending upward and they were over 200.  While that was true, her counts had gone from 185 to the 190's to just barely over 200 - more of a plateau than an increase.

I'm not gunna lie, it made me really uncomfortable to think about taking her home.  I spoke to the nurse about it since the doctor was nowhere to be found and she said that they wouldn't kick us out.  I explained that we just love being at the hospital so much that we can't bear to leave.

When I finally did get to talk to the doctor I told him that last cycle Averi's counts had to be over 200 for two days before she could go home and that I would feel much more comfortable if we could stay just one more night so we could check her counts in the morning.  After all it is Averi and last time her counts kind of dropped, plateaued, and then plummeted some more before making their final assent.  He said that was fine.

When I asked Dan if he would have done the same, he said he would have been excited and packed up and gone home - but only because he doesn't think so hard about things like I do.  After my explanations, he was on board.
(Averi's latest thing while trying to go to sleep is grabbing her foot, stretching it straight up, and using her toes to fiddle with her baby's bangs.  I tried to get a picture but she kept moving her foot so she could see the camera.)

This morning I had to wait until almost noon to get the results back on her ANC (normally they have them before I even wake up).  The suspense was killing me - were we going home or not?  The doctor finally walked into the room and said, "Mothers always know best."  Apparently her ANC dropped to 35!

I don't mean to brag, but I think I was right.  Not only was I right, but I was smarter than the doctor.  My head might be slightly more inflated than usual today.  I tried to be a gracious winner and even held my breath so I could fight the urge to yell, "In you face doctor-man!"


Susan said...

I'm pretty sure all of this earns you the right to a medical degree. He's right: mothers know best!! And you're a great one.

Lindsey Roberts said...

You make me laugh quite a bit. I'm going to have to quit reading these posts at work because I literally laugh out loud. :)

Simply, Sarah said...

That's great that you followed your gut!
Anthony did that once. We were in-patient for 5 days for fever. His discharge was dependent on having no fever for 24 hours, and 48 hours of negative blood cultures.
Anthony had no fever for 24 hours and they wanted to discharge, but his behavior was just a tad bit off. I told them we needed to wait an hour, then take his temp again. If it were low, we'd go, but if it were high, we'd stay another day. It was high, the nurses and doctors amazed, and we didn't have to be re-admitted and go through the mandatory 48 negative culture period AGAIN or the 24 hour no fever time.
My friends call us moms of cancer patients, momcologists. We've earned the title, after all.

Lauren in GA said...

Tiffany, you are seriously so cute. I had to giggle at the, "In your face doctor-man." I am so glad that you waited. You are very wise and a great mom.

I also giggled at how you changed your open laughter to a cough. Good cover.

Whoa...playing with her baby's bangs with her foot...that little lady is LIMBER!