Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Not in the PICU

Today went much better than yesterday.  Although she's still not 100%, Averi is doing much better.  She wants to be cuddled more than anything right now, which is not a problem, and kept waking herself up while trying to breath last night.

Luckily she didn't need to be sent to the PICU.  She's still on oxygen and getting antibiotics, IV fluids, and lasix (to keep the fluid off her heart and lungs).  Her hemoglobins were low so she received her first blood transfusion, which really perked her up.

She managed to sit up and play for a little bit this evening.  This was wonderful because last night she couldn't even pick up her arms to grab for a toy.  Her fever has also gone down below 100 and she sounds tons better, but not perfect.  The doctor said that if everything goes well she will be able to start the chemo on Thursday or Friday.
Kaili has been wanting to see Averi ever since she was admitted so the whole family hung out in Averi's room for the evening.  I think Averi enjoyed the company.  I want Kaili to spend as much time with her sister as possible since she won't be able to come to the hospital once flu season officially starts.  She really wants to spend the night with Averi but she's not allowed.  At least they got to sleep together on Averi's last night home.

Hopefully tomorrow will be uneventful and she will recover from the pneumonia quickly so we can get going with the treatments...if that's okay with Averi's schedule.


Vicki said...

Oh, I'm so glad she's getting better. I've had her on my mind all day!
I think it's so sweet of Kaili wanting to be with her sister so much. You have two amazing treasures!!
Thanks for keeping us updated with all that's going on.
We'll keep praying that she'll continue to improve and chemo will go as well as possible.

Amy Turner said...

Praying for you...

Stephanie said...

Oh, so glad she's feeling better and was able to sit up and play and hang out with her family. Keeping you guys in our prayers.

Lauren in GA said...

Thanks so much for the update. Sorry that you hit this bump in the road on her way to getting her chemo. I am glad she is feeling a bit better...and that she is snuggly. I love it when my baby wants to snuggle.

Vanessa said...

I hope she did well all day today and is starting her chemo now. I am thinking of her all the time.