Saturday, October 30, 2010

Home Sweet Home after Cycle 1

After 27 days at the hospital, Averi came HOME today!!!
When the resident/intern/doctor who does all the dirty work but can't make any final decisions came by this morning, he said that Averi's white counts had gone down a little so he didn't know if we would still get to go home.  Lucky for us, her primary doctor isn't very conservative and later told me during rounds that her white counts were about the same.  (I'm still not sure if that makes me happy or scared.)

He also said that her blood work didn't look right yesterday and he had it redrawn in the afternoon only to have it come back exactly the same.  Apparently her platelets are now normal (in the 130's after she's been getting transfusions for being in the 20's), and her neutrophils are over 500 (the limit for her to go home).

He asked if I was okay adjusting Averi's feeds at home (I'm pretty sure I've been doing that her entire life) and how I felt about giving her antibiotics through her broviac port.  I'm not gunna lie, it was a little scary knowing I was going to be given direct access to the same port that made her septic, but I'm pretty much willing to do anything to get her home.  So I said we could handle it.

Once it was official that she was going home today, I started taking loads to the car.  Just when we were about ready to go, the nurse informed me that the home nurse who was supposed to meet us at home to teach us about IV infusions had bailed on us.  We had to wait a couple more hours until another home nurse was found, and then we were finally discharged!

It was so weird leaving the hospital with Averi and driving home.  When we got there a man was waiting with a delivery of her antibiotics and the nurse arrived 15 minutes later.  Little did we know that there was so much paper work involved when using a home nurse, and she stayed for over 2 hours.  It made for a very long day!

We are really looking forward to a nice relaxing day home! :)


Celeste Ferguson said...

YAY!! I'm glad she is home. Keep us posted on her progress!! :) We love you!

Vanessa said...

Here's to a nice relaxing day!! :)

Amanda B. said...

I am glad you guys caught a short break and get to have her home. I can tell by the light in her eyes what a sweet spirit she is!!