Sunday, October 10, 2010


I realized today that I tend to post less when things are going well (or really, really bad).  So, I'm sorry to have left you all hanging for a couple of days but things have pretty much just been...normal.

On Friday, Averi ate the best and fastest I have ever seen her eat.  This was totally surprising since she is getting meds for nausea and I figured she wouldn't be interested in eating.  Then it hit me, they gave her a steroid to help with the swelling in her airway and steroids tend to make you hungry.  It didn't last through the next day but at least she enjoyed food for a little while.  Maybe they can give it to her long term and Frances will be really impressed. :)

I know everyone reacts differently to the chemo, but I didn't expect her first day of it to be her best day since being admitted.  She spent the day playing games
and reading books.

Yesterday was just as "boring" (knock on wood) and the only thing that really happened was Averi getting another platelet transfusion.  Whenever she is given a blood product, the cap on her broviac has to be changed and everyone in the room has to wear a mask.  Dan managed to get Averi to keep hers on.
My mom left and Dan took care of Averi while Kaili and I cleaned and did laundry.  Usually we all meet in Averi's room in the evening for dinner and hang out and then one person takes Kaili home and the other one spends the night.

Today we went all out and put some real clothes on Averi.  We even went for a walk around the floor (she can't leave the floor while receiving chemo) which was nice since she hasn't been out of that room for a week.  Her chemo will end tomorrow night and then we will just do more waiting while her blood recovers.  Let's hope it's as 'normal' as the last few days have been!

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Lauren in GA said...

I am glad that things are going smoothly (all things considered). ☺

Averi looks so, so, cute! Her smiles are so fantastic!