Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Photo Shoot

Averi is feeling much better, although not completely awesome.  She gets tired faster and enjoys extra cuddling but she's not napping very well since she returned from the PICU.  However, we are able to get more and more smiles, kisses, and waves out of her, so that's a good sign.

Yesterday, an organization called Flashes of Hope came to our floor.  It is a national group that goes to hospitals and takes black and white pictures of children with cancer, for free.  They did my hair and makeup and took some really fun pictures of Averi and me.

They said it takes 4-6 weeks to get the pictures (I want to see them now) but they will give us two 8x10 pictures in a display binder, all of the pictures printed as 4x6s and a CD with all the pictures on it that we can use as we please.  Did I mention it's free?  I wish I had known they were coming because we would have had cuter stuff to wear and I would have had Kaili here.  They come back every month though, so I will be getting some super cute pictures of Kaili and Averi in November.

I took some post photo shoot pictures for you to enjoy.  This one is my favorite.  It makes me giggle every time I see it!
Thank you kisses for all of your prayers and support.
I was extra happy that they came this week because Averi has officially started loosing her hair.  I found a few strands in her bed yesterday and this pile this morning:
Her hair is so fine that she doesn't look any different yet.  I wish it would all just fall out in one day I wouldn't have to pick it off of her all the time.  I even find it in her mouth sometimes.  I think I'm not very attached to it yet since it's still so short.  (Kaili's hair falling out would be a completely different experience.)

Just for the record, once it's obviously falling out, we will be buzzing her noggin.  If there are any suggestions for funny things that we can do to her hair while she still has it, I'm all ears (like a mohawk for example).  It's a good thing we already know she looks really cute in hats. :)

Today I dressed Averi up for Halloween and played photographer.  She wouldn't really look at me but they still turned out really cute!
The only smile and it's blurry. :(
Tasty pumpkin!
Happy almost Halloween!

Tonight Averi wouldn't let Dan put her down without crying.  She is such a daddy's girl, even if I'm holding her.  With Kaili this would have bugged me but I think there is so much going on in her life that I'm totally okay with it (even if I do give Dan a hard time about it).  It's the same with her being such an avid thumb sucker that her left thumb if cracked and dry.  If it's comforting, she can have it.

Sometimes I wonder if I'll be able to say no to Averi like I do with Kaili, not that I'm mean with Kaili but she understands consequences.  Averi's already at a disadvantage in understanding things, such as discipline, and then she's had such a hard life on top of that.  Hopefully it will get easier as we put all of this medical crap behind us.  Just my rambling thought for the day.


Rachel said...

Her Halloween pictures are so adorable! Our prayers are with Averi and your family, hang in there!

Stephanie said...

Dang, I thought you had taken her to a photographer until you said you took them yourself! You do good work! :) She's darling. Love and miss you all.

Lauren in GA said...

In a way I understand what you mean. Because of what John has been through I give in to him a lot. I told Mike that I need to be careful or I will spoil him beyond repair.

I love the pictures. My mom got John the same exact onesie! (I think it was from Target)

She is so, so beautiful.

So neat that they took free pictures like that! I hope you can post them somehow.