Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Second Half Begins

We came back in to the Day Hospital on Monday to start Cycle 4 of chemo.  I had to twist some arms, but we got one of the isolation rooms again (they are much bigger and have an anteroom which is great for keeping noise out).

The good news is that cycle 3 was only a few days over the '28 day' schedule, so maybe cycle 4 will go smoothly as well.  Either way, hopefully I will do a little bit better with coping. :)  I was also able to find and confiscate the little car for Averi to ride in- it's the little things that keep us happy.
I don't know if the toll chemo pays on your body builds up, but this cycle is really wiping Averi out.  She is sleeping for hours at a time and isn't really interested in doing much.  She looks exhausted all the time.  She's also really constipated, which isn't a new problem but is kind of weird since it is the opposite of the expected side effects.

I hope she's not feeling down for too long, which is probably a silly thing to say since the puking seems to start sooner with each cycle.  My brain has yet to figure out why we must make her sicker to make her better, but I pray everyday that it works.


Tina said...

Well big hugs for you and all of your family. It's definitely hard when you see a little one not feeling their best. I really think it's harder on the Mommy. Keep your spirit and faith up. Love you!

Lauren in GA said...

We are praying for her, too.

Glenn and Melanie said...

I love that sweet smile - with one tooth up front and molars in the back! Averi - you always make be smile.