Thursday, February 3, 2011

High Fashion

I was told recently that my posts have been a little critical lately (is it my fault that half of the medical staff at the hospital are idiots?). :)  I am therefore dedicating this post to the silliness that fills our days and makes them bearable...and to high fashion.
I made new and improved name band bracelets, purple this time, since the pink ones had started collecting fuzz.  I also made blue ones for the cute baby boy down the hall who is also in the hospital for weeks at a time doing count recovery.  We pass in the hall and wave at each other and avoid touching anything germy.
My friend Jennifer made two new hospital gowns for Averi to sport.  She puts so many details on them (velcro sleeves, crossing back, fancy accessories).  I LOVE them!  Thank You!  (This is Averi's new camera face...not bad.)
I have decided to fill my time with projects while I am here to keep from going insane.  Last week's project was making flower clips in every color imaginable and making cute hats to go with them.  I've only gotton one hat done, but the clips are super cute!
 'Lookin' like a Fool with your Pants on your Head' (Thank you American Idol.)
As much as I complain sometimes, life is only bearable if you learn to laugh at it...and that I can do. :)


Tina said...

Aww man, I totally had a relevant comment and now that the comment box is open in front of me, I can't remember what it was. Dang It! Well, I love you!

Lauren in GA said...

I love the flowers you made...and the little hat.

Those hospital gowns are so darling.

Stephanie said...

Jennifer did a beautifully on the gowns! So nice! Love your little flowers and hats, too! A girl's gotta look good!!!